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Editor in Chief
Matt Starke (The RoboSports Network)

Current Team: FRC 174 – The Arctic Warriors
Started in FIRST: 2003
Specialties: Mechanical, Communications, Scouting, Leadership

Eugene Fang (The Blue Alliance)

Current Team: 604 – Quixilver
Started in FIRST: 2000
Specialties: Systems, Software Development, Mechanical Design

Ty Tremblay (The RoboSports Network)

Current Team: 319 – Big Bad Bob
Started in FIRST: 2004
Specialties: Mechanical Design, Software Development, and Strategy

Francis O’Rourke (The RoboSports Network)

Current Team: 190 – Gompeii and the H.E.R.D
Started in FIRST: 2003
Specialties: Scouting, Strategy, and Manufacturing

Evan Morrison (The RoboSports Network)

Current Team: 5803 – Apex Robotics
Started in FIRST: 2005
Specialties: Scouting, Mechanical