Behind the Design | 2013 World Champions (610)


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Record: 46 – 11
Granite State Regional Champions
Waterloo Regional Finalists
Galileo Division Champions
World Champions


When Team 610 started over 15 years ago, it was simply a robotics club where students could join together to build a robot over six weeks. Over the years, our team has grown in size and spirit, and has expanded not only within our school, but also into the greater Toronto community. Our team’s passion for engineering has led us to develop handicap-friendly technologies for the children of Sunnyview School, incorporate FIRST-related activities in our school’s many tech design courses, and annually host both FLL and VEX tournaments, to spread our love of FIRST with the community. Beyond our school doors, we have taken on the challenge of mentoring teams with limited FIRST experience. To our team, robotics programs serve as essential factors in bringing people from all grades and cultures together, to collaborate and celebrate the scientific and technological achievements of Canada, and the rest of the world.

Major Systems

As of the BAE Granite State Regional


Designed By: Ryan Tam 112013_610(1)

  • Six wheel drive
  • 4” AndyMark HiGrip Wheels
  • 6 CIMs geared 5:1 with 8:5 sprocket reduction for over all of 8:1
  • Top speed: 9ft/s
  • Acceleration: 6ft/s2
  • Optimized for moving between Pyramid and Feeder station (36ft) apx. 4 seconds
  • 2 sets of #25 chain + 1 set of #35 for Power Takeoff
  • Custom Aluminum Chassis & Gear Box
  • Max Pushing force: 130lb
  • Stall torque: 100Nm
  • Power Takeoff (removed post BAE)
  • 0.1” rocker
  • Weight: 50lbs


Designed By: Austin Bianchini 122013_610(2)

  • 0.25” Lexan polycarbonate & 1/8 Aluminum housing
  • Powered by 1 Mini CIM motor
  • Driven by timing belt
  • ¼ circle shooter design
  • 0.5” disc compression
  • 6” pneumatic wheel
  • Recovery time < 1.2 s
  • Pneumatically fed


Designed By: Ryan Tam 112013_610(3)

  • Two dual acting 5” stroke pistons
  • 1.25” bore
  • 100 lbs. lifting force each @ 60psi
  • 2 hooks positioned above center of gravity to prevent swinging
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Sub second hang + alignment time



Designers: Jonathan Lau 11; Jamie Rose 112013_610(4)

  • 1/16” Lexan polycarbonate construction
  • Pneumatic indexer
  • Delrin “doorstop” prevents discs from jamming

Flip-out Tray

Designers: Jake Fisher 11; Ryan Tam 11; Taran Ravindran 112013_610(5)

  • 1/8” Lexan polycarbonate construction
  • One dual acting 4” stroke piston to retract and extend

Variable Shooter Mount

Designed By: Ryan Tam 11

  • Two dual acting 4” stroke pistons
  • 15 degree & 30 degrees

Additional Info

  • Encoder on drivetrain for accurate autonomous movement
  • Optical sensor on shooter to control rpm (“custom” encoder)
  • Microsoft Kinect for automated infrared goal tracking
  • 3 layer electrical panel
  • Onboard compressor + 4 clipper air tanks
  • 2 pneumatically actuated “bunny ears” pop out as hard stops for Pyramid alignment
  • Possible ground intake system with improved autonomous

Taz’s Scouting Information


  • Positioned behind the pyramid, centred
  • Can also be positioned at side of pyramid
  • Possible 5-7 disc autonomous (ground intake pending)
  • Scores 3 discs in 3pt goal – >90% accuracy (3 seconds)


  • Shoots from behind the pyramid, centred
  • >90% shooting accuracy in the 3pt goal
  • Can drive to feeder station, load 4 discs, drive to pyramid, and shoot them in under 16 seconds


  • Level one hang in 3 seconds
  • Can shoot discs while hanging at the back of pyramid
  • ~75% shooting accuracy while hanging from level oneDrivetrain

Robot Related Videos

Pre-Championship Highlight Video

Final Match of the 2013 Championship

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