Build Season Tip #3: Maintance

Design your robot to be easily maintained and fixed.

We have all been in the situation where something goes wrong in your robot design. Whether it is driving practice in build season or during a competition situation, something is bound to go wrong with the design at some point. The question to make sure that you can answer is: Are you ready to quickly diagnose and fix your robot with relative ease?2008_1126

Here are a few items to consider while designing your robot:

  • Consistent fasteners, including size and type, throughout the robot (See Build Season Tip #1)
  • Robot can come apart with a couple different size sockets and Allen wrenches
    • Ex: 2008 FRC 1126 (Note the tools hanging on the cart in the picture to the right)
  • Design key components to be easy to get to (Battery, On/Off Switch, Gearboxes, Wheel Assemblies, Bumper Mounts, etc.)
  • Train students with the ability to quickly connect and disconnect various components.

One of the best examples of maintenance recently came from @FRC2168, the Aluminum Falcons. In six hours, the students completely changed the upper mechanical assembly to better perform at their regional. Check out the video below.

Matt Starke (@FRCDesigns)

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