Behind the Design | Suitcase Bot



The picture above is a render of our “Suitcase Bot.” We plan on using it for our mentor workshop in China in late December. The goal is to have a drivebase that is FRC sized and has all the basic elements of the control system but can also have a small footprint for travel. We may bring a partial bumper to show bumper construction. We’ll use it as a wide, 4 wheel tank drive and may demo with mecanum wheels if time permits. We’ll add a gyro, light sensors, something to drive a pot., etc. It uses mini CIMs and standard Toughbox Nano drive parts.


The suitcase bot allows nearly everything in the control system to be visible (the gyro is hidden under the battery connector.)   The photo can be printed as a poster (24″ X 36″ makes it full size) and used as a learning aide.  The attached document  (Document Here) contains a sample list of components that can be printed on removable labels (Avery 16460) to help new team members learn the components.  We would like to have small groups work together and stick the labels on the poster as they find the components on the list.

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