Behind the Design | 2014 Heroes of Tomorrow

2014 Heroes of Tomorrow (HOT)

Inspiration: Concept #3 – 2008 Simbot SS

Chassis: Water-jet 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal. Manual break bends. Pop riveted construction.

Drivetrain: 8WD, 6 CIM, VEXpro 3CIM 2 speed Ball-shifter gearboxes, Pneumatic shifted, VEXpro Versa wheel (DT and W pattern), VEXpro Timing belt/pulleys. Estimated 7ft/s low gear, 17ft/s high gear.

Intake: Lexan mounted, Water-jet 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal. Dual 2” polycarbonate rollers powered by (1) BAG motor into a 10:1 VEXpro Versa-planetary gearbox. Pneumatics actuated lower hinge.

Arm: Dual 100T:22T Chain driven, powered by (2) Banebot RS-775 18V motors into 100:1 VEXpro Versa-planetary gearboxes.

Shooter: (2) 25lb, bearing mounted, constant force springs. 20” pull back, carriage driven, bearing mounted, linear accelerator. Powered by (2) RS-775 18V motors into 5:1 VEXpro Versa-planetary gearboxes. Servo actuated automotive trunk latch release. Rubber hard stops.

Catcher: Pneumatics actuated, parallel 4-bar linkage arms.

2014 HOT Promo Video


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