Holy Cows’ PR Mentor: Cathy Schulz

Basic Info:

  • Name: Cathy Schulz
  • Current Team: The Holy Cows – 1538
  • Day Job: Kindergarten Teacher

Do you volunteer? If so, what role(s) do you volunteer in?
I volunteer at many FLL events judging both on Projects and Core Values. It’s really exciting to see these future FRC kids so excited about what they are doing.


What is your role on your current FIRST team?
I volunteer as the teams Public Relations mentor. I oversee all social media outlets and make sure that all awards are being done on time. This season I also became our teams FLL QT coordinator.


What is your earliest FIRST memory?
I think my favorite memory would have to be the first year I went to the San Diego Regional and watching everything that the teams worked so hard on for six weeks come together. It was the second year we won the Chairman’s Award at the regional and I knew I was hooked and wanted to be involved with FIRST for many years.


What is your favorite FIRST story?
My favorite story would have to be in 2013 at Champs. Carmel, our Chairman’s writer and presenter lost her voice and could not speak for the entire day before and morning of their presentation to the judges. Somehow she was able to go into the judges room and do her presentation with Kaitlyn and Jeremy and we ended up winning Chairman’s. Not only is that my favorite story but one of my most inspirational moments of being a mentor.


Why do you continue to mentor/volunteer/participate?
I continue mentoring because I believe in the program FIRST has in place. Exciting student about their future and what they can become, and showing them they can express all that they want to say in a 3000 character essay is the driving force that causes me to drive 40 minutes each way to mentor The Holy Cows almost every day.


Who are some important people who inspired you or helped you become what you are now?
The people who inspire me to have this passion are the other mentors on the team Jon Jack, David Berggren, Bill Berggren, Kiet Chau and Rene Haro. They all have such a contagious passion for FIRST and inspiring students, you can’t help but not feel that same way. We all hope to instill in each team member a desire to leave the community a better place than we found it.

Article Content Provided by: Cathy Schulz (Mentor 1538)

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