A Diner’s Guide to FRC


The world of FIRST is an interesting place, and its typical that a group of smart people with a good sense of humor start to define things differently. Recently there has been a tread, or dare I say a theme, of food related acronyms as well as inside jokes. Beyondinspection has enlisted the help of the community to put together a list. If we are missing anything please let us know and we’ll get it added. Thanks, and enjoy your meal.

**Corndogs **(CD Link)Based upon the idea that the GDC, largely Frank, monitors ChiefDelphi for feedback, Jared Russell postulated:

“It’s suspicious how right after we talk about something on Chief Delphi, Frank addresses it. Let’s put it to the test. WE DEMAND FREE CORNDOGS FOR ALL MENTORS UPON ENTRY INTO THE EDWARD JONES DOME. #yourmovefrank”

Good Guy Frank responded in the next FRC Blog post, denying the request, but proving that he is in fact completely plugged into the system and reading what we are saying. Customer service at its finest.

**Ice cream **(CD Link)In response to some disagreements about how an offseason was being run, Mr. Andy Baker thought ice cream would solve the problem:

“I like ice cream. If I walk into an ice cream store, I will choose one of my favorites to go into my waffle cone (or a cup, if I feel like it). Then, I may put a topping on it or I may not. Each time someone else goes into the ice cream store with me, they never order the same thing I did. How can this be? I like ice cream, and so do they, but they don’t like the same flavors! Aaaaah! Also, there are times when the folks who run this ice cream store don’t have the flavors I like. Can you believe that?!!! Although this really frustrates me, I get over this treachery and I still order something. After all, it is ice cream. I like ice cream.”

**Cheesecake **(CD Link)
As initially defined by Brandon Holley on GameSense S02E03 (~42mins) and then brought into spotlight by Michael Corsetto on ChiefDelphi during the heated discussion about Q&A 461 as assistance given from one team to another during a competition.  Cheesecake may take the form of a loaned mechanism or robot component, or help with a critical modification or repair. Cheesecake is usually served in the context of improving the performance of an alliance partner prior to a match. Based on all the discussion on CD and further review by the GDC the answer was reversed and the manual updated with Team Update 2015-03-17.

**BBQ **(CD Link)
A simple statistic which attempts to quantify perceived event difficulty as coined by Billfred.  The Blue Banner Quotient (BBQ) is the sum of the number of blue banners won in prior events by all teams competing at an event. For the uninitiated, blue banners are awarded for Regional Champion, Regional Chairman’s Award, Division Champion, Championship Chairman’s Award, and Championship Winner.

BBQ = (4*N)/T
N = the number of years the event has run
T = number of teams.

**SAUCE **(CD Link)
SAUCE stands for Sextuple Achievement Uniform Counting Era. This statistic, also defined at the same time as BBQ by Billfred, limits the calculation of BBQ to the “modern era” of FRC, which at the time of SAUCE’s creation in 2008 was viewed by the author as 2005 and later.

SAUCE = (4*[N-Npre-2005])/T

**BRISKET **(CD Link)
BRISKET, as defined by Jared Russell, stands for; Basic Robot Information, Strengths, and Kryptonite Evaluation Toolkit. It is used to help scout a robot’s capabilities and exploitable weaknesses among a distinguished field of teams. It is a critical review of a team and how best to play with and against them.

**Polled PORK **(CD Link)
Since quantitative metrics aren’t the be-all and end-all most years, teams may also utilize Polled Pool Of Robot Kids (Polled PORK) to combine all of their scouts’ qualitative observations after all of the matches are finished.

**TRITIP **(CD Link)
As we all know, at the end of the day you need to come up with the strongest possible pick list in order to pull out the “W”. This is where you can turn to the FRC254 patent-pending Typecasted Robots we Intend To Immediately Pick (TRITIP) list, where each class of robot is stack-ranked against all the others at the competition.

**RIB **(CD Link)
The Regional Iota Banner (RIB) as defined by Ervin Ibadula as an alternative to SAUCE. Since the intention of the SAUCE statistic is to gauge recent success of the teams at a regional using blue banners, Npre-2005 can be modified to be Npre-2011 or 2010.

RIB = (4*[N-Npre-2011])/T

Banner Ratio Indexed to Quadrenniums of Unified Education Total Talent Estimation or BRIQUETTE as defined by Racer26 is essentially a four-year rolling total of SAUCE.

**POUTINE **(CD Link)
Proposed by Wil Payne, POUTINE or Potential Out-of-town Upset Threat and International vs Native Experience is a rating system that could be used to predict match outcomes at Regionals and Districts with teams from a variety of different areas. We we well know, teams from different areas play the game differently.

Article Content Gathered/Provided by: Nate Laverdure (FRC2363 Mentor) and Jared Russell (FRC254 Mentor)

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