Jim Zondag: Stop the Stop Build

Jim Zondag, from FIRST Team 33, just dropped what might be the definitive paper on why Stop Build Day should be eliminated in FRC.

In his paper posted on Chief Delphi, Jim provides 7 key points to why we should “Stop the Stop Build”:

  1. FRC has morphed from an event to a season and is not what it once was.
  2. FIRST competition is not very media worthy in its current state which limits inspiration.
  3. Most of our attrition comes from weaker teams which hurts overall growth.
  4. Teams do not improve if they do not use their robots.
  5. Teams do improve if they do use their robots.
  6. The current restrictions do nothing to hold back the leaders.
  7. The FRC build season is not actually six weeks for the top teams anyway

This paper comes in a response to recent survey sent to the FRC community from FIRST.  Mr. Zondag supports his seven key points with data and empirical evidence that is worth a read for everyone in the FRC community regardless of your stance on Stop Build Day.

Regardless of your stance on Stop Build Day, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey from FIRST if you haven’t already.  If you’d like to discuss the survey, or Stop Build Day in general, you can visit this Chief Delphi thread.  If you’d like to discuss Jim Zondag’s paper, you can visit this Chief Delphi thread.

One comment

  1. I generally agree. I think the bagging restriction should be eliminated but with an additional restriction. I think the only fair way is to allow each team only a single regional participation. This will level the field for all, new, old, strong and weak.

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