The Blue Alliance Blog: FRC Designs + The Blue Alliance


We are excited to announce a new partnership between The Blue Alliance and FRC Designs. The FRC Designs Blog has been a great resource for strategy, statistical analysis, tips, and an in-depth look at robots; and The Blue Alliance is FIRST’s premiere source for all things data.  With this partnership, we are excited to announce a combination of the high quality data from The Blue Alliance with the great content from FRC Designs.

Here is what is new:

  • FRC Designs is now called The Blue Alliance Blog and our new location is at
  • Members from The Blue Alliance will be joining the blog and will bring you up to date information from the site.
  • We will be rolling out new sections of the blog to be announced in the coming weeks.
  • The FRC Designs GrabCAD Library has been changed to the The Blue Alliance Design Hub. You can now submit and find CAD models for you and your favorite teams on The Blue Alliance. Any GrabCAD link (even your own) can now be submitted on TBA just like other team media (photos/videos/etc.).
  • The Blue Alliance has updated their robot pages to include GrabCAD Models and we’ve already imported over 90 robot models dating back to 2009. See the 2016 FRC 148 Page for an example.

Here is what stays the same:

  • The Blue Alliance Blog will continue with the same writers to bring you great content.
  • The Blue Alliance Blog continues as part of the newly formed The RoboSports Network  and will be managed by TBA and RSN members.

We’re excited for the future of this partnership, leveraging the quality blog content and existing CAD library from FRC Designs combined with the extensive data and reach that The Blue Alliance provides.

Matt Starke
The Blue Alliance Blog

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