Mountain Man’s Summit: Week 3

Mountain Man’s Summit: Week 3

There aren’t any mountain regionals this week, so my post this week is short (for once)!

Teams Competing This Week:

No mountain regionals are occurring this week, but there are two mountain-area teams competing at two different regionals.

Lone Star Central (Follow it here!):

6682 is a rookie from New Mexico, and their first competition will be at Lone Star Central. A lot of great teams are going there, but I have high hopes for this team to show how great rookies can be. With a name like Team Outreach, it’s hard for me not to believe they’ll win Rookie All-Star or Rookie Inspiration.

San Francisco (Follow it here!):

1726, on the other hand, has a little more experience in the FRC and will be competing for the first time this season in San Francisco. They went out in the quarterfinals in both New York City and Arizona West last year, but with a new season they may do better. I’m hoping they find success in California.



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