NEforecast 2017: Week 4 Southern NH

NEforecast: Southern NH Event, March 24-26, 2017
Team list:

As we head into Week 4 this will become some teams final chances to get points before district champs, not to mention we’ll begin to see how deep of a field UNH will truly be. With fuel playing a critical role in some alliances ranking and elims strategies  teams might finally start dusting off their shooters, most of which haven’t been used for much else besides excess weight until this point.

Southern NH features some of New England’s lesser known teams, but they may prove to be powerhouses in their own right. With all the top teams being able to put up large amounts of gears this event could boast the highest number of successful 4 rotor elim strategies in NE to date.

Top Teams:

95After a finalist finish at the Granite State Event and a winning performance at Greater Boston, the Grasshoppers are coming into Bedford as the favorite among gear scoring robots with two mechanisms, one for picking up gears off the floor, and a chute for picking up from the HP station. If anyone’s out to get the 4 rotor bonus in eliminations, it’s the Grasshoppers. Expect them to be playing late into the day on Sunday.

2370The IBOTS came to Worcester, and the IBOTS conquered Worcester. While they may have seeded 21st, their consistent performance caught the eye of the 1st seed alliance captain, and 2370 produced great results. With a passive gear manipulator, maneuverable drivetrain, and intelligent strategy, 2370 will be looking to add to their medal count for the year.

4909The Bionics stormed into Reading last week, and took the #3 rank. They played well into the Semi-Finals giving the powerful #7 seed a run for their money taking it to 3 matches, but were eventually taken down. In their arsenal is a fast and effective active drop off gear mechanism, a speedy drivebase, and a worm drive climber that brings them to the touchpad without issue. If things go their way this weekend, 4909 could end up in the top 5 alliances again and throw together another awesome alliance this weekend.

1721 – Coming off their first finalist appearance ever, and their first shot at being an alliance captain last week in Reading, 1721 will be sure to be hungry for more. With the capability to run 3+ gears and a reliable hanger, this team will be a force to be reckoned with in Bedford.

Honorable Mentions:

5813 – Last years rookie powerhouse team is back at it again for their third event. Morpheus will be looking to improve on their quarterfinalist appearance in Worcester two weeks ago. Wielding an impressive gear pickup and a nimble and quick drive-base, this team will be ready to fire on all cylinders and score gears late into the day on Sunday.

6328 – With an early out in the quarterfinals, this sensational rookie team will be looking to make a name for themselves this weekend. Showing off their already great gear shuttling skills, watch for this team to try and take an advantage over their opponents by firing up their double wide shooter for this first time this season.

131 – Even though they were taken out in the semifinals by the #1 seed at GSD, C.H.A.O.S. was one of the more consistent gear/climber robots at that competition. Expect their fast climb, vision assisted gear mechanism and low goal scoring capabilities to find success come Sunday.

3467 – Despite not getting picked for the first time since 2012 the Windham Windup still has a lot to say before their season is over with a bevy of new additions to their robot. A new gear manipulator, climber, and traction pads could make them a solid contender this weekend.

1073After losing in semi-finals at GSD and breaking their climber, expect the FORCE team to come in sharp with their impressive passive gear manipulator, solid 8 wheel drive, and a tuned shooting mechanism.

716Suffering a tough loss in the semis of Waterbury the Who’sCTEKS were drafted as the 2nd overall pick and featured a solid gear scoring mechanism and a consistent climb.

Chairman’s Top Teams:

811: With a District Championship Chairman’s award in 2014, and a District Championship Engineering Inspiration award in 2015, 811 works hard to spread the message of FIRST and to inspire the younger generation.

Other than 811, there are no obvious standouts for the Chairman’s award at this event. There is a great chance for a new team to come home with the Chairman’s award! NEforecast looks forward to hearing about the winner!

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