Behind the Design | 2013 Funky Monkeys

Record: 20 – 16 – 1


Boston Regional: Finalists, Engineering Inspiration Award
Silicon Valley Regional: Quarterfinals, Imagery Award
Worlds Championship Attended

Weight: 107 lb

Height: 28 – 34 inches

Width: 28.5 inches

Length: 26.5 inches

Description of Robot Systems

Drivetrain: 6-wheel (6 inch diameter) chain drive geared for 15.7 feet per second, powered by 4 CIM motors with a custom power take-off gearbox for driving the winch system used in the climbing mechanism. Quickly shifts using servo motors with feedback and synchronization. Front and rear wheels raised 3/16″ for epic turning performance. System includes closed-loop control software.

Floor Intake: One RS775 through a 3:1 VersaPlanetary gearbox drives rollers wrapped in tennis racket grip tape. Surface speed of forward rollers is 18 ft/sec at 8000 rpm. Uses top and bottom rollers with flexible polycarbonate at 22″ wide opening to acquire discs at a 42 degree angle from the ground. Rear rollers spit discs against a foam backboard at 18 ft/sec, which allows discs to drop into the storage subsystem. Collector slides up and down storage frame on custom grooved rollers, actuated by gravity, pneumatic cylinders and a pulley system.

Storage & Human Loader: Discs drop from the backboard into the polycarbonate slides, which also double as the surface on which the human player can drop discs into the system. At the end of the slides are vertical delrin standoffs arranged to constrain four discs into a vertical stack. An 8″ stroke pneumatic cylinder pushes the bottom disc into contact with the shooter wheel.

Shooter: Linear shooter with two rollers composed of two stacked Banebots 5 7/8″ diameter wheels and steel flywheels powered by two Banebots RS775 motors through 3:1 VersaPlanetary gearboxes and an additional reduction. Optimized gearing and closed loop control ensure minimal spin up time. Entire superstructure actuates to give two shooting angles for close and mid-range shots from the pyramid. A combination of sensors and advanced software allows continuous consistent shooting at 0.7s-0.9s per shot.

Climber: Pulls the robot up inside the pyramid. The climber’s arms are initially stowed in the forks of two passive lockplates. Upon driver command, the pneumatic cylinders fire and the system escapes the lockplates and snaps up to deploy hooks that engage the first bar. Lines attached to the hook are then reeled in with a winch system run off the same motors as the drivetrain. When the robot is lifted well off the ground, the second set of hooks engages the first bar, allowing the robot to release its arms and go for the second bar. After repeating, the robot scores its 30 pts. The sequence is also fully automated to ensure 100% reliability and reduce climb time.

Control System: Closed loop control. Uses CAN bus feature in the Jaguar electronic speed controllers.

How Ultimate Funky Object Got Its Name

We wanted a unique name for our robot, so we decided to put our own spin on the term “UFO.” As a tribute to this year’s game, we took the “Ultimate” from Ultimate Ascent and “Funky” from our team name to create the robot name “Ultimate Funky Object”.

– Lynbrook Robotics

Robot Related Video

Season Highlight Video

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