Ultimate Ascent: The Best Ever?

As the Indiana Robotics Invitational is upon us, I cannot help but reflect on the 2013 FIRST FRC Game Ultimate Ascent. For those that have not watched the game animation in a while, I encourage you to take a minute and digest the animation knowing the outcome of the 2013 FRC Season.

What strikes me the most is that this is the only game that I have been apart of where there is still strategy being discussed on CD after the competition season is over. I have been apart of FIRST since 2003 and have always had my personal favorite 2004 FRC Game of FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar. However, looking back, this 2013 game might just be the best ever for me.

For me, some reasons include:

  • Many different types of robot designs (Full Court Shooter, Cycler, Floor Pickup, Climber, Defense, etc.)
  • A game difficult enough that most teams chose one main strategy
  • A select few robots that were able to effectively accomplish multiple strategies
  • Different strategies could be combined in various ways to win a match
  • An endgame that was important but did not completely change the outcome of most matches
  • A ranking system that made sense besides the years of Win-Loss-Tie record
  • A wide open field with some hindrances
  • A game piece never used before
  • A field element never used before

What is your favorite FIRST FRC game? Is Ultimate Ascent near the top of your list?

– Matt

Matt Starke

Matt joins RSN as the mastermind and Editor-in-Chief of what is now the TBA Blog. Following his start with Team 340, G.R.R. of Churchville, NY in 2003, he went on to become a harbinger of the robotic revolution as a Technology Education Teacher in the Liverpool Central School District. Matt gets his robot fix by serving as the one of the lead advisors for FIRST Robotics Competition Team 174, the Arctic Warriors of Liverpool, NY.

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