Ultimate Ascent: The Best Ever?

As the Indiana Robotics Invitational is upon us, I cannot help but reflect on the 2013 FIRST FRC Game Ultimate Ascent. For those that have not watched the game animation in a while, I encourage you to take a minute and digest the animation knowing the outcome of the 2013 FRC Season.

What strikes me the most is that this is the only game that I have been apart of where there is still strategy being discussed on CD after the competition season is over. I have been apart of FIRST since 2003 and have always had my personal favorite 2004 FRC Game of FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar. However, looking back, this 2013 game might just be the best ever for me.

For me, some reasons include:

  • Many different types of robot designs (Full Court Shooter, Cycler, Floor Pickup, Climber, Defense, etc.)
  • A game difficult enough that most teams chose one main strategy
  • A select few robots that were able to effectively accomplish multiple strategies
  • Different strategies could be combined in various ways to win a match
  • An endgame that was important but did not completely change the outcome of most matches
  • A ranking system that made sense besides the years of Win-Loss-Tie record
  • A wide open field with some hindrances
  • A game piece never used before
  • A field element never used before

What is your favorite FIRST FRC game? Is Ultimate Ascent near the top of your list?

– Matt

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