Dozer Does It


Dang it Feels Good to be a Dozer

Article Originally Posted on TwentyFour January 6, 2013. Now Updated.

Dozer (known unofficially to some as Plowie) has been a staple in Havabanana FRC Game Animation since the beginning. Dozer is the robot on the blue alliance with four or six high grip wheels and a plow. He’s often considered to be a loveable rookie built kitbot, and he always seems to fall off a ramp, or get knocked in the plow by a ball and reminds teams to build robust robots.

If you were to ask most teams to rank the capabilities of the robot they’ll be finishing in six weeks, almost everyone would say that they are going to field a more competitive robot than Dozer.  As it turns out though, for a number of past games Dozer has almost certainly been an elimination worthy robot!  In 2012 he was worth about half the median alliance score, in 2011 he outscored the median alliance, and in 2010 he was worth about 2/3 of the median alliance score.  Going back even further Dozer has had some good and some bad years, but that is left as an exercise to the reader.

(note that the Championship and District Championships are excluded, and we are looking at only qualifying alliance scores)

The Life And Times of Dozer: It’s a Hard Knock Life


  • In 2014 he gets the mobility bonus is auto and is shown as the inbounder for a 2 assist cycle. He then breaks down… Foreshadowing? Not a great year in the animation but he had massive potential as an inbounder/defense bot.
  • Worth: 15 pts
  • Mean Alliance Score: 92 pts


  • Able to drop 2 discs into the low goal in auto and 1 in teleop for a total of 5 points. He tries to climb for 20 points but fails. Not a strong scoring year for him.
  • Worth: 5 pts
  • Mean Alliance Score: 58 pts


  • Not a banner year for Dozer, as he starts with two balls, but does not score them. Dozer fails to triple balance, but he does pull off a successful coop balance
  • Worth: 10 pts
  • Median Alliance Score: 17 pts
  • Mean Alliance Score: 19 pts


  • Again Dozer can’t score in autonomous or teleop, but our intrepid hero launches a first place minibot.
  • Worth: 30 pts
  • Median Alliance Score:  22 pts
  • Mean Alliance Score: 28 pts


  • A game tailor made for Dozer to excel.  He is shown scoring one point, but another is implied.
  • Worth: 2 pts
  • Median Alliance Score: 3 pts
  • Mean Alliance Score: 3.2 pts

These data feed back to our point that FRC robots just don’t score many points.  If a box on wheels with a plow scores more points than a significant percentage of team build robots — why not try and build something along the same lines and improve your performance?

Article Content Provided by: Chris Picone & Ian Curtis

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