Registration 2015: First 12 Hours


Get to Registration. Do it now.

It’s that time of year again, where selected mentors from each team hover over their respected computers and get ready for the click-fest that is FRC registration.

So where are teams allowed to play this season?

  • 107 events – 11% growth (at least to start with)
  • 56 Regionals (+2)
  • 45 Districts (+8)
  • 5 District Championships (+1)
  • 1 World Championship (greatly enlarged)

So hows the data look? Below is the plot showing registration for the first 12 hours. Special thanks to both the FRC Staff and Mark McLeod of ChiefDelphi fame for yet again digging into the data on this.


A number of events have already reached initial capacity:

  • MN 10K Lakes
  • MN North Star
  • NC
  • Pittsburgh
  • Greater Toronto Central
  • Los Angeles
  • Mt. Olive MAR
  • Waterloo
  • Arizona East
  • NY Tech Valley
  • Lake Superior
  • Peachtree

Un-officially the numbers are looking like:

  • MI = 158
  • MAR = 97
  • PNW = 110
  • NE = 138
  • IN = 46
  • Regionals = 1203

So why did things go so smoothly this year? Frank was quick to post up an explanation on the FRCBlog:

1st Event Registration – How Boring Was That?

Blog Date: Friday, September 26, 2014 – 10:17

Remember the old days during 1st event registration when you’d make your selection, click the button, and hope for the best? You never knew what would happen, or even if anything would happen. The last few years, and this year particularly, seems like it’s more click and go. Where’s the excitement in that? 🙂

Our crack IT staff once again this year upped the system resources available for registration. For those interested in the details, changes from last year were:

  • New VMware server cluster that increased the CPU core count and doubled the available system memory
  • Additional monitoring capabilities with three products. We can now retain historical data for the network, VMware, and the storage systems. The new software also increases system visibility through alerting and reporting
  • Eight new Lasso servers running on a 64 bit operating system. Lasso was also upgraded to take advantage of the new servers. Our IT development team worked to tune these servers to take advantage of the new hardware, operating system, and software

During peak load just after registration opened, CPUs were running at 35%.image

[The huge registration monitors in the IT offices shortly after registration opened.  Donut for scale.  Happy IT folks (out of shot) sing, eat pizza, and organize an after-hours celebratory caber toss]

More information for you:

Number of teams registered or waitlisted in first 15 minutes:

  • For 2014 season: 903
  • For 2015 season: 1,081

Number of teams registered or waitlisted in first 12 hours:

  • For 2014 season: 1,577
  • For 2015 season: 1,796

I’d like to thank our IT staff, our Customer Service staff, and our Youth Protection Program staff for making sure we were ready for the big day. I’d also like to thank you, our teams – we recognize there were some new and unfamiliar steps in the process this year, but you came through. By the time registration opened at Noon Eastern time, over 2,000 FRC teams were ‘green to go’!

We’re off to a great start!

Its awesome to see the changes that the FRC Staff has been making to help things run more smoothly from an IT perspective, it certainly makes things just a bit less stressful for teams overall.

Also congrats to Team 5400: Worcester Area Robotics Project for being the first rookie to be registered for the 2015 season, welcome to the fun.

Below is something new we are working on for team travel distances, and event locations. Please note that teams 5400 and over are missing from this map. District Systems have their second plays in here already.

World Map


North American Map


Article Content Gathered/Provided by: Justin Foss (FRC558 Mentor), Andrew Schreiber (FRC125 Mentor), and special thanks to Mark McLeod for continued data tracking and FIRST for supplying information as well.

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