NEforecast 2017: Week 1 Granite State

NEforecast: Granite State District Event, March 3 – March 5, 2017
TBA Gameday:

Kicking off STEAMworks in New Hampshire is the Granite State Event, back at Windham High School for its second year. The team list for this event gets more competitive every year, and this year is no exception, with more and more powerhouses attending such as 6328, 1058, and 319, along with some more top teams returning for their second year like 78, 5687, and 3467, the home team.

At the Week Zero event in Nashua, we saw only a few alliances scoring more than two rotors and none were able to capture the elusive 4-rotor ranking point. Similar stories were evident for the 40 kPa Ranking point, especially with only a few robots demonstrating the ability to score fuel at all. Teams will have had to take advantage of the days after week zero and the 6 hours of unbag to make up for lost time due to snow, with many teams losing 6 or more days of build time.

One thing that was demonstrated fluently at Week Zero was the ability to climb on several robots, with several more having untested mechanisms. There is no doubt that several teams will be ready for liftoff late into eliminations Sunday and we may even see one or more matches with all six robots climbing. With teams having had two weeks since week zero to iterate on mechanisms it is likely that many more teams will have added the ability to score fuel. 


Top Teams:

78 – AIR Strike wasted no time in showing New England how Steamworks is supposed to be played. Relying mainly on their fast drivetrain, efficient floor pickup for gears, and climber, this Rhode Island powerhouse took home the winning trophy for the Week 0 event in Nashua. With their large hopper and wide shooter now in their arsenal of point-scoring weapons, this team is lock and loaded to drop bombs in the high boiler and on the gear pegs.

6328 – While their number says that they’re a first year team, they look far from it. Their modern era Kitbot On Steroids coupled with their funneled passive gear intake will make them a quick scorer, and their dual-flywheel shooting setup will surely score a lot of fuel. With their wide Velcro climber to wrap up this robot, we have no doubt they’ll be climbing to the top of the rankings.

1058 – After demonstrating in Stronghold just how well a simple robot can dominate early events, the PVC Pirates are back – and they’re Wingin’ It. Following a strong showing at Week 0 where they completed the first successful climb on a competition field, the Pirates re-evaluated their strategy and made some bold changes. Their 2 Omni, 2 Colson drivetrain now features a compact but effective gear manipulator that can collect gears from the floor, as well as dual shooters with a spiral feed. Expect to see 1058 successfully latch on to many airships and make a deep eliminations run if they can sort out the details of a more complicated opening strategy.  

5687 – This third-year team from Portland, Maine has a very small robot with a speedy drivebase and vision tracking for placing gears onto the lift. Their little robot also features a gear floor pickup, a compact climber, and some strong Steampunk colors, making 5687 a strong outlier early on.

3467 – The home team for this event has strong potential to destroy the field at GSD with a beautifully engineered sheet metal frame, along with a floating 2 wheel H-Drive with drop down traction pads in the tall configuration plus a velcro climber, active gear manipulator, fuel ground intake and fixed-hood one-lane high goal shooter. Software and electrical issues forced them to an early out at the week zero scrimmage, going home to keep working, but they may have overcome them and will bring a strong machine to week one. No matter what, 3467 is winding up to be a strong competitor week 1.

319 – Another team with a lightning-fast drivebase. With 2 CIMs per side geared at 8 and 18 feet per second, BOB will speed across the field for low cycle times. BOB is also equipped with a gear floor intake, fixed-hood 3-wide high goal shooter, wide velcro climber, and a ground intake for fuel. Putting in long days with their practice robot, you can be sure their drivers are ready to dip and dodge around the competition and score lots of Big Bad Points.


Honorable Mentions:

238 – Two district finalist appearances, a district championship finalist appearance, and winning their first blue banner at UNC Asheville is enough to convince us that 238 is on the rise and will have another strong year after a solid showing at Week Zero scoring gears.

131 – Year in and year out, 131 is one of the strongest competitors in New Hampshire during the early weeks. When it comes time for alliance selections, CHAOS is always a sure pick, so expect to see them playing well into Sunday.

95 – Everyone should be familiar with the Grasshopper’s colorful 2017 robot, thanks to a thoroughly-documented build blog on Chief Delphi. Their quick gear placement, velcro climber and single-wide shooter will have them hopping through Granite State.

811 – A consistently strong competitor out of New Hampshire, 811 will be ready to face the challenges of Steamworks. They had one of the most completed robots of Week Zero, and if they used their time wisely could be playing late into the day on Sunday. When you need a strong alliance partner, who ya gonna call?

1100 – One of New England’s most well-rounded teams, 1100 always produces competitive robots. We expect two things from this team: to make eliminations, and to blow out the eardrums of anyone sitting too close!


Chairman’s Top Teams:

467: Winning a 2016 District Chairman’s award and a 2015 NEDCMP Chairman’s Award, 467 is a strong candidate for the 2017 GSD Chairman’s Award. Using their informational youtube channel that reaches over four countries, mentoring Jr. FLL and FLL teams, and many more resources, 467 could win the 2017 Chairman’s Award this weekend.

1058: Starting off their Chairman’s History by a 2012 Regional Chairman’s win and adding a 2014 & 2015 District Chairman’s win as well, the PVC Pirates can not be stopped in being a role model team. Through numerous demonstrations, NH alliance facebook group, and their student leadership organization, Team 1058 could also take home the 2017 GSD Chairman’s blue banner.


Chairman’s Darkhorses:

78: With a 2013 Regional Chairman’s win,  2014 NEDCMP Chairman’s, and being one of two teams to win NEDCMP Engineering Inspiration in 2015, Airstrike continues to be a strong contender for the Chairman’s Award

811: Being a previous 2014 NEDCMP Chairman’s Award Winner. Team 811 could be the 2017 GSD Chairman’s Winner.


Previous Chairman’s Recipients:

2013 Granite State Regional – 131

2014 UNH District – 3467

Special rookie shoutout to teams 6324 The Blue Devils, 6328 Mechanical Advantage, 6691 Brewster Robotics, and 6763 FUSION.

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