2017 Week 1: What’s New for The Blue Alliance

Competition season is here again! Here’s an update on some improvements we’ve made, collaborations we’ve joined, and new features we’ve added to The Blue Alliance to help you watch, scout, and relive your favorite FRC competitions. We’ve also updated the Android app for this season, keep an eye on the Play Store page for updates to roll out.

Revamped GameDaygameday2-w-bluezone

Brand new interface

More intuitive, touch-friendly interface for layout and webcast configuration. Mobile friendly (if the webcast supports it).

Live updating webcasts

If an event’s webcast gets added or changed, there’s no need to refresh the page anymore! The new webcast will be available on the “Select a Webcast” menu.

Multiple chat support

You can now choose which event’s chat to show in the sidebar (Twitch streams only).

Quick URLs

Simply go to www.thebluealliance.com/watch/125 or www.thebluealliance.com/watch/2017txlu to bring up all ongoing webcasts and appropriate chat for the team or event of your choice.

myTBA Dashboard

See which of your favorite teams are currently competing and how they’re doing, past event results, and future competitions all in one place. Visit www.thebluealliance.com/mytba.mytba

Adding Event Videos

You can now add videos to Event pages on The Blue Alliance. Things we’re looking for include videos of award ceremonies, opening/closing ceremonies, alliance selections, and fun and engaging content created by the community (interviews, interactions, etc.). Check out the “Media” tab on any event page to view or suggest event media. Create high-quality videos, and they may even get featured on GameDay Live, a new collaboration between TBA and First Updates Now that will bring live commentary and analysis to playoff matches at select events this season. Be sure to tune in and watch on GameDay.capture

TBA BlueZone (Beta)tba-bluezone

We’ve developed an algorithm to give you what we think will be exciting matches across all ongoing events. Simply tune into https://www.thebluealliance.com/watch/bluezone or select “TBA BlueZone” as one of the webcasts in GameDay, and sit back as the stream automatically switches to give you an uninterrupted stream of matches.

Note: BlueZone is still in very early beta. Please bear with us as we refine our algorithms.

Snapchat Filters & Facebook Frames

granite-state-woodiefrank-hub-cityWe’ve partnered with Kristine Atiyeh of Word Play All Day to bring you custom Snapchat filters that will be available on the last day of two events each week this season. We’ll be starting in Week 1 with Granite State District and Hub City Regional.

Custom Facebook profile photo frames will also be available for everyone. Help us Make FIRST Loud!

As always, feedback on all current features and ideas for new ones are appreciated. We’d also like to thank the community for their continued support. The Blue Alliance is 100% community driven and built, so the site would not exist without them. There are some more things in the pipeline that didn’t get finished in time for Week 1, but we hope to push those out soon. Good luck during the competition season!

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