[Team 5829] Meet BumbleBee!

After a long and productive season we have done it!

I would like to present to you BumbleBee!


Here are the details:


  1. Custom AwtyBox V2 gearbox using WCP dog gear setup
  2. 2 CIM per side allows for 7 ft/s low gear and 15 ft/s high gear
  3. Shifting to a 54-tooth custom milled dog gear for the hanger
  4. Six wheel drive (two omni, four traction)
  5. Omni wheels on back to give greater control for the gear placement.
  6. SRX encoder mounted on middle wheels for autonomousimg_4130


Shooter mechanism

  1. 4 Andymark stealth wheels
    1. Ability to swap out to two 1.5 inch Colson wheels
  2. Powered by one MiniCIM
  3. WCP Pulleys 1:1 from MiniCIM to shooter wheels
  4. VEX Integrated encoder for shooter PID
  5. Hard stop for close up shot
  6. Pneumatics to bring hood forward (not in picture) for the far shot from the hopper


Shooter intake mechanism

  1. McMaster polycord on custom 3D printed pulleys
  2. Powered by one MiniCIM 1:1
  3. Front rollers out of McMaster Neoprene Rubber tube
  4. Divided into two for the ability to shoot two balls at once



  1. Three ball wide intake
  2. Powered by one MiniCIM 1:1
  3. Chained to the back shaft that drives the front and top pulleys via polycord
  4. Front roller out of McMaster Neoprene Rubber tube
  5. McMaster polycord and custom 3D printed pulleys



  1. Ability to hold 50 balls
  2. Self feeding into the shooter via gravity
  3. Attaches in the middle with velcro to be removable for electronics access
    1. Slides sideways on both sides
  4. Clear bottom to diagnose electronics issues
  5. Black sides for sponsor logos



  1. Two inch roller with velcro
  2. Powered by either two bag motors 63:1 or the drivetrain motors
  3. 2 lexan plates for touching the pad before the davit weighed down with aluminum to always be perpendicular to the ground
  4. Manual control with option to add a button to auto stop at the touch of the pad


Passive Gear Intake

  1. Passive intake activated (pulled out of frame perimeter) by intaking one ball
  2. Acts as the back of the intake
  3. Centers the gear and gets it to the right height for the lift
  4. Flap powered by pneumatics prevents balls from falling into intake when loading gear/balls from loading station.


Reveal video located here:

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