TBA Blog Competition Predictions 2017


The Blue Alliance Blog is excited to announce that we have formed partnerships with four well-respected competition prediction accounts in the FIRST community. These experts are well known for providing quality and amazingly accurate predictions for competitions all over FIRST Robotics.

Here’s quick introduction from each account:

Looking Forward – Since 2008, Looking Forward has provided competition predictions and gameplay analysis for events spanning across all FRC regions. As with all prognosticators, LF content should be taken in the spirit of fun. If you don’t like what you read, go out there and prove it wrong.

Mountain Man – Hello. I speak for the people and teams of the mountains. And not those Appalachian hills. I’m talking about the big, beautiful Rocky Mountains.

INsight – Indiana is a formidable place to play and the state has solidified its reputation as a strategically-sound group of high-performing teams. Breaking down the teams and competitions from the land of corn.

NEforecast – We are a collective of FRC mentors and students who have all been in the program for 4 years or more each. NEforecast was founded in the early 2016 season to bring some more detailed analysis to the district.

The Blue Alliance is excited to add this content our blog! You will begin to see posts weekly from each of these contributors on The Blue Alliance Blog as well as on Chief Delphi in different forms. Good luck to all teams this competition season!


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