Announcing FRC Info for Twitch

Die-hard FIRST-ers turn to The Blue Alliance and TBA GameDay to follow FRC competitions online. But what about those who are just getting involved or happen to stumble upon a competition stream on Twitch? In an effort to make following FRC competitions more accessible, The Blue Alliance is happy to announce the FRC Info extension for Twitch!

When enabled by the broadcaster, FRC Info provides a handy video overlay that shows event rankings and information about teams in the current match.

View event rankings and current match teams directly on Twitch!
Hover over a team to see more information.

You can check out the extension on FIRST‘s Twitch channels. If you are a broadcaster, instructions on how to add the FRC Info extension to your stream can be found here.

The Blue Alliance is an open-source project built by volunteers. Come help us build FRC Info or any of our other open source projects on GitHub!

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