Stickers! Get Your Stickers Here!

An example of what you can do with your very own TBA sticker | Source: Me

That’s right, The Blue Alliance team will be handing out free stickers at select events! Due to our very limited supply, we can only hand out one per person or per team (at the discretion of each TBA member), while supplies last. Stop by the pit admin table at the beginning of lunch of your event’s second full day. For example: Friday for most regionals, Thursday for both Champs. Here’s where you can find them:

Event Member(s)
Week 1 Orange County Regional Jared
Week 2 Midwest Regional Josh
Miami Valley Regional David
New York Tech Valley Regional Brennon, Brian
IN District St. Joseph Event Jordan
Week 3 Finger Lakes Regional Eric, Kai
San Francisco Regional Fletcher
Los Angeles North Regional Jared
Week 4 Greater Pittsburgh Regional David
Hudson Valley Regional Brian, Phil
Monterey Bay Regional Fletcher
IN District Tippecanoe Event Jordan
Week 5 SBPLI Long Island Regional #2 Phil, Kai
Buckeye Regional David
Utah Regional Brennon
Wisconsin Regional Josh
Silicon Valley Regional Fletcher, Jared
IN District Center Grove Event sponsored by Toyota Jordan
Week 6 New York City Regional Phil
NE District Hartford Event Eric
Aerospace Valley Regional Jared
Week 7 FIRST Chesapeake District Championship Eric
Indiana State Championship Jordan, David
Michigan State Championship Zach
Championships FIRST Championship – Houston Fletcher, David
FIRST Championship – Detroit Jordan, David

They’re not just stylish, but extremely versatile, too: Put it on your laptop, a clipboard, the robot itself, the sky’s the limit! Be the envy of your after-school sticker collectors club today!

And remember, if you want even more TBA gear (because let’s be honest, you could always use more), head on over to to order a 2019 Gameday t-shirt.


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