TBA now a non-profit; experimenting with donations to community-fund

TL;DR: Consider donating to The Blue Alliance, we’re now an official non-profit, and hoping community donations can cover our operating costs.

The Blue Alliance’s website (thebluealliance.com) helps teams scout for competitions, our apps send real-time notifications at competitions, and our Gameday webcast viewer lets you follow along when you’re not there in person. Our APIs make FRC data access easy, letting people build scouting dashboards in Google Sheets, or do complex data analysis with programming languages like R and Python.

TBA relies on the volunteer effort of people who contribute code, moderate data submissions, and upload match videos and robot photos. Thank you to everyone who has been involved since TBA was started in 2006.

Last year, The Blue Alliance formally became a non-profit organization. This enables us to get discounts on some services that keep the site running, and means that donations to The Blue Alliance are tax deductible. The Blue Alliance does not currently have a corporate advertising sponsor, and this year we’re going to experiment to see if we can pay the sites’ approximately $3,000 per year operating costs (almost entirely Google Cloud Platform) on community donations. If we get to a place where we are receiving much more in donations than our operating costs, we’ll explore hiring a summer intern.

The best donations are monthly contributions, which help us budget for the future.

Donate here

Greg Marra, Eugene Fang, Phil Lopreiato, and Zach Orr

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