Introducing The Blue Alliance for iOS v2

Hey y’all – I’m super excited to introduce The Blue Alliance for iOS v2! It’s available in the App Store.


Dark Mode

When system dark mode is enabled The Blue Alliance for iOS will change to a new dark mode theme that’s easy on the eyes. Or, as we like to call it, #AllBlackEverything mode.



Search (the most popular feature on The Blue Alliance) has made it’s way to The Blue Alliance for iOS! Quickly navigate to an Event or Team with full, local search. No more digging around in the year selector trying to remember what week the 2016 Arizona North Regional was (Week 2 – of course).


Search also extends outside of the app! Search for Events or Teams from Spotlight. When appropriate, Siri will suggest recently viewed Events or Teams so you can pickup right where you left off.


myTBA Notifications

The long-awaited addition of myTBA notifications has arrived! Stay up to date with your favorite team by subscribing to notifications when signed in to myTBA. Subscribe anywhere you see a star in the app.


Team Avatars

Team avatars are now front-and-center in the Team view! You can upload your Team avatar via FIRST on FRC Events.


Match Sort/Filter

Match lists can now be sorted in reverse order and/or filtered to only show myTBA favorites when signed into myTBA.


New Team@Event View

The Team@Event view got an upgrade. The Summary tab shows a Team’s name and location, and is more organized so you can quickly get an idea of how a team is doing at an event. There’s also a new Media tab, which shows Team Media for the select event’s year.


District Ranking Search

Search for a team by team number or team name in the District Rankings view to quickly find where your team is ranked.


“Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements”

This update fixes all of the biggest crashes from TBA for iOS v1 – far too many to list individually.

Download The Blue Alliance for iOS from the App Store! If you’re interested in helping build new feature for The Blue Alliance for iOS, or want to work on any of our other projects, The Blue Alliance is open source! Come help us build the future of FRC.

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